Assalamu ‘alaykum, Quran Hearts…

I pray that you are all well, and benefiting from a closer relationship with Al Quran this Ramadan. May Allah Ta’ala accept our efforts and forgive our shortcomings, ameen.

My sharing today with you, is a piece of advise written and posted by Haafidha Maryam Amir, and every time one reads it, it inspires hope in the heart and spurs on action. I share it with you today, in the hope that it will inspire and give courage to you on your Hifdh Journey:


What if when you’re 60 or 70 or 90 years old you’re not saying, “I wish I had memorized the Quran.” What if you’re instead saying, “After 30 years, I’ve been honored to finish memorizing the Book of Allah.”

You don’t have to memorize the Quran in 1 year. You don’t have to memorize it in 5. You can work every single day to memorize it over a period of a decade or longer!

Can you imagine what that’s like? For you to have memorized one verse a week while nursing your child? For you to have memorized two verses while stuck in traffic? For you to have gone from one life stage to another and yet through all of it- spent slow but consistent, persistent time with the Book of God?

Do you think you’d regret even a moment of even decades of working for it? How much sweeter is that journey, how much more achingly beautiful is it to have had such a consistent relationship, such a personal connection, such an intimate conversation, with a Book that has been with you, with surahs that you connect with specific stages of your life?

Make the intention, make constant duaa, find a teacher, be consistent, allow yourself to take years if that’s what your circumstances demand- but don’t give up, don’t let go, and pray that Allah makes me and you of, “The people of the Quran–they are the people of Allah and those who are closest to Him” (ibn Majah). -Maryam Amir



Assalamu ‘alaykum, and Ramadan Mubaruk!

Depending on where you are in the world, you’ve either begun your first fast or are preparing to do so later today / tonight, AlHumdulillah!

As a Quran mentor, one of the frequently asked questions I receive, are:
✴️ How can I be more productive with my Quran goals this Ramadan?
✴️Are there any practical tips or advise on completing 1 or multiple Khatms this Ramadan?

– I wrote on this a while back, for the Productive Muslim website: I’ll include the article link and an info-graphic below.

As always, feel free to post in the comments if you have any concerns or challenges with regards your Ramadan Quran goals, and I’ll be glad to help 🧡

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8 Easy Steps to Recite the Entire Qur’an this Ramadan


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Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah

Beloved Quran Hearts,

In the past week, countless people have been inspired by the life and legacy of 1 man: both in his living and dying, he was a noble example. May Allah Ta’ala grant him Al Firdous, ameen. I’v heard from people who, inspired by his Hifdh sacrifices, renewed their hifdh commitment, resumed memorizing, or gave considerable thought to what it means to live with a purpose. 

His, is an example of what it means to live a legacy – and leave one behind, for the Pleasure of Allah, and Allah Alone. 

A Quran legacy.

What will yours be???

Read the story here  >>>  he just died in Madinah 

Watch the video here >>> Muslim brother died in Madinah


Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah

Beloved Quran Hearts,

A great web app to aid with memorizing and reciting the Qur’aan, is: Muqri 
  Here’s how to use it:
• Select the reciter (for Tajweed review purposes, please consider listening to: Sheikh Ayman Al-Swaied).
• Choose the Surah or range of aayaat
• Now select the Aayah, and how many times you wish the Aayah to be repeated.
• After every Aayah, you can add a space, allowing yourself to recite after the Reciter.
Thus far, we’ve had good reviews from our students, AlHumdulillah, who’ve found the option of repetition ideal for consolidation of revision. 
– Are there any apps you’ve found particularly useful? Let us know in the comments, please. 

Wishing you success at every stage of your hifdh journey!



Tajweed and the correct pronunciaton of each letter of The Qur’aan will always give preference over the vocal aspect of recitation. Yes, to beautify one’s Qiraa’ah is important but does not overpower the importance of reciting The Qur’aan correctly.

Wallahi (this is a statement coming from experience) it takes years of hard work and constant struggle, determination and effort to better and improve one’s recital of The Qur’aan. It’s sad that many of the young and upcoming reciters especially focus more on their voice rather than making an effort to recite Qur’aan correctly. There is also lack of sincerity and correct intentions when we are reciting The Qur’aan, whether it is private or public recitations.

There is a huge difference between a reciter who recites Qur’aan correctly with Tajweed and someone who recites Qur’aan with a beautiful voice but incorrectly. We have become so lazy that we struggle to find time to sit with a qualified Ustaadh/Qari to improve and perfect our Qur’aanic recitation. Watching YouTube videos is motivating and good for practice (especially those reciters who are qualified in the field of Qiraa’ah) but finding time to learn how to recite Qur’aan correctly face to face is extremely essential. This is how the Sahabah learnt Qur’aan.

We cannot recite the Qur’aan how we wish to recite it, rather we should recite the Qur’aan in the correct manner, in the way that is befitting and pleases Allah. This only comes from sacrificing time and effort to learn. Also, reflecting and pondering over the verses is just as important as reciting The Qur’aan correctly. Many of us struggle to understand the meanings of the majority of the verses of The Qur’aan. Arabic is an important language to grasp and learn, especially if one wants to understand the messages that Allah is giving to us in The Qur’aan.

May The Almighty enable us to respect, honour and promote The Qur’aan in a way that please Allah and is befitting for His Pleasure only.


*National Huffadh Association UK*

Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah

Beloved Quran Hearts,

AlHumdulillah, we find ourselves in the midst of another Islamic month, all the while drawing closer to the onset of another Ramadan : how are you doing ? how are your Hifdh plans faring ? how do you hope to transform this upcoming Ramadan through the means of this gift, that of preserving the words from The Almighty SWT in your heart? 

An inspiring post full of gratitude & reflections follows, as is the tradition for our last post of each month: real life narratives from sisters around the world committed to the same journey as yours.


If you would like to share a part of your Hifdh journey, we’d love to feature your piece, too! Email:  and your piece will be considered for future publication.



Do you know how ballet dancers manage to keep balance while making Pirouette? One of the essential condition is to do spotting. It is finding a point on a wall and looking at it again and again with every round. 

In our whirlpool of life this spot is always Allah swt; even more, all we do is to strive to this point-towards Him. 

Allah swt blessed us with various ways to come closer to Him and one of the most beautiful after obligatory ones is Hifz.

I will try to put into words my feelings on my Hifz journey, which have started not earlier than 2 years ago.

How blessed I am to be on a path of putting Quran in the heart that Allah swt gave me. To be honest, it is Allah swt in Hifz that protects me, not other way round, I feel it all the time.

Allah swt gave me a support from people on this journey. It could never started if my parents had not allow me to study in INCEIF where I met my friends who told me about Ustaza Rayhaanah. That was the first time I attended Hifz class and the whole path only began because she let me join in. I always feel her support in my Hifz and life journey.

When I practice Hifz I feel I am beautiful. When I do, Allah swt allows me to put His words inside my heart, word after word.

I also feel very small admiring the immense and massive meaning that some suras contain. That times I realize these words are indeed suras of the Creator, so powerful.

It sounds as a cliche but anyway, is still very true: my life has wonderfully changed after I have started Hifz. I hope He, Almighty, accepts it and from my hifzmates’ striving as well. 

Dear sister,I wish all the best in your path towards Allah swt, in whatever form it comes . [Kamila, Russia]


Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah

Beloved Quran Hearts,

AlHumdulillah, for many this month serves as the start of a new academic year or semester, and may it be full of blessings and light for all who seek to draw nearness to The Almighty SWT, aameen.

Throughout one’s hifdh path, there is a need to supplement, accelerate, or complement our learning using tools and resources that aid our memorization.

One such tool, which numerous readers have alluded to, is : QuraanOMeter

As per the website, this resource aims at providing the following assistance for Quran memorization:

QuraanOMeter is a simple utility to keep track of how much you have memorized the Holy Quraan. You can enter which surahs you have memorized completely or partially. Then, click on calculate to see the results. You may want to save your data by clicking save. You need to enter your username and password in order to save your profile.

Your profile is saved and can be viewed at any time, any where. After you memorize few verses you can edit your profile for the changes. You only have to enter new data as the previously saved data would be already loaded.

This tool takes care of the fact that different verses are of different sizes. For instance, Surah 65 (Al-Talaq) and Surah 101 (Al-Qariah) have almost the same number of verses (12 and 11). However, the first one has about 4 lines per verse and the second one has about half a line per verse. So the memorization percentage should be tracked by the lines of Quraan Memorized and not the number of verses memorized.



quran rihaal


Do let us how here at Fee Qalbee if you’ve used or are currently using this tracker .

Wishing you success at every stage of your hifdh journey!