Assalaamu ‘alaykum a Rahmatullah

SubhaanAllah!How time seems to fly by..we’ve almost reached mid-month of 2010…May Allah Ta’ala grant us barakah in our time & efforts, aameen!

Depending on where you’re based, for some, this time of year heralds the start of another academic year, whilst for others, it may be a crucial study period with mid-year exams, nearing the winter break. But subhaanAllah! our comittment to memorising & remembering Al Qur’aan, is one that transcends all academic study boundaries. For, in dedicating ourselves to the memorisation of Al Qur’aan, we dedicate our very beings to the orship of the Supreme Being, Allah Azza wa Jall!

Despite the fact that many of us may have completed memorisation of Qur’aan, the journey of learning & improving our memorisation MUST go on! Trust me, there’s always a more efficient, more effective method that may compliment what you have already memorised, so always be keen to embrace revision methods that will enhance what you have memorised. This will, inshaa Allah, only serve to improve our Qur’aan earning His Divine Pleasure:)

Today, I wish to share with you a formula for memorising the page numbers. This method is especially helpful for those who commonly memorise a page a day ; it’s also effective in recalling where you’re reciting & how much you’ve already recited ; it assists in ascertaining how much of a juzz you’ve completed in recitation ; for the one teaching, it’s one of the fastest ways to locate the recitation of your student(s).

SubhaanAllah! I’m truly inspired by EVERY miracle of Al Qur’aan..especially the ease with which Allah has allowed for us to memorise Al Qur’aan!

**Note: This formula is for a standard size Qur’an – Madina Al Munawwarah.

Pay attention carefully; its very easy:-
Qur’an has 30 Ajzaa (paras/parts)

Example 1
If you want to know the 5th Juzuu of the Quran is on which page?

Take 5 (the fifth juzuu) 5-1 = 4, the answer 4 x 2 = 8 then insert 2 after 8 which shows 82

Now look at the Quraan and you will see The 5th Juzuu begins on page 82.

Example 2
10th Juzuu 10-1 = 9, the answer 9 x 2 = 18 then insert 2 after 18
which shows 182
Now look at the Quraan, you will see the 10th Juzuu begins on page 182.

Example 3
Juzuu 23, 23-1 = 22, the answer 22 x 2 = 44 then insert 2 after 44
which shows 442
Now look at the Quraan, you will see the 23rd Juzuu begins on page 442.

Moreover, the Juz starts from the top of the pages & ends on the bottom of the pages

Subhana Allah!

Now you will Insha-Allah always remember which Juz starts on which page.