Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah
Dear sisters in Faith,

Many of you reading this post are amongst the blessed ones chosen by Allah: It may be that your daughter has set out on the journey of memorising Al Qur’aan, Maashaa Allah Laa Quwwata illaa Billaah!
Indeed, you have a very, very important role to play in her Qur’aanic memorisation:) And a great reward awaits you, bi ithnillaah!

Here are some aspects to consider, inshaa Allah:
-Gently remind her of renewing her intention to memorise Qur’aan for Allah’s Pleasure.
-Assist her as much as possible: Either by volunteering to listen to her lessons during the weekend or outstanding work, transporting her to and from class, etc.
-Converse with her daily, to find out how her class is progressing: encourage her as much as possible.
-Ensure that she has nutritious meals & plenty of water in her daily diet; Sufficient sleep & a helathy dose of sports / leisure time, is important, too.
-If she is still very young, engage in memory skills games or mind enrichment exercises with her.
-Meet with her teacher regularly to assess her progress.
-Encourage her with motivating words, remembering that discipline is key to her hifdh.
-Make her hifdh a part of your life, too, so that she will come to realise how valuable this act of worship is.
-Remind her of the great benefits & rewards attached to the memorisation of the Qur’aan & those devoted to it.
-Encourage her to invite friends from her hifdh class home during her leisure time & to value such friendships based on love for the Qur’aan.
-Attend hifdh-related events together.
-Remind her of how special she is: Yes! Allah has chosen her HEART to PRESERVE the Words of Al Qur’aan Al Majeed!
-Pray for her success in hifdh daily, constantly & consistently.

Oh, and one of the most influential effects you could have on your hifdh-studying daughter, is in LEADING BY EXAMPLE:) The challenge is on…set out to memorise the Qur’aan, too! SubhaanAllah! A great way to develop & nurture your blossoming mother & daughter bond:)

~Wishing you & your daughter(s) many blessed moments in the companionship of the Qur’aan!
With du’aas & love,