In the exciting build-up to Ramadaan 1431 A.H., FEE QALBEEE brings to you the first in a host of unique projects designed to inspire Qur’aanic memorisation!
Beginning from the month of May inshaa Allah, our project is entitled: Hifdh Challenge.
Like to know more??? Read on, please:)
In this era, Mp3s, iPods and other media are
commonplace & when utilised effectively, can enhance ones memorisation of Al Qur’aan. Experience shows that if a person listens to a piece again and again, he/she would memorise it in no time. If one listened to his/her favourite Imaam twice a day for one whole Juz over one month,then at the end of the month sat down and wanted to learn that Juz… in 5 days, he/she would be able to do so, inshaa Allah..subhaanAllah!, are you up for the challenge???
*We’re utilising the medium of our facebook group FEE QALBEE, to embrk on this project. Join our facebook group & most you’re welcome to post on the wall, the verses / chapters you intend memorising, as well as sharing your experiences & advise, throughout the challenge. Alternatively, you could post your experiences on the blog*
~Wishing you many productive & blessed hours in living our Hifdh Challenge!~