Who am I ?

I am a book, an encyclopaedia, a constitution, a diary, an adventure,

a mystery and the ultimate discovery.

I can tell you about migration, irrigation, astronomy, technology, biology,

philosophy, geography and also gynaecology.

I can tell you that iron comes from the sky, mountains are pegs that sturdy

the Earth, even before scientists discovered these theories.

I am a story book that tells tales of adventure and love, stories of great people,

places and times. Of maidens so fair and villains that scare.

I can tell you how to solve problems and show you the

answers to all questions.

I am a book with laws and orders, of justice and mercy.

I can teach you economics, physics and can

you believe even mathematics.

I show you case studies and paths to follow.

I am your companion, your guide, your friend and your life’s hand-book.

My chapters are many and a solution for every need.

When you are hungry and sad, despondent and wary, Surah Waaqia

will fill your belly and show you the path clearly.

When your needs are many and stresses are too heavy, then Surah Ya’seen

will fulfil those needs and make your load less heavy.

When you are scared and full of worry, then Ayat al Kursi

is there to protect you and give you strength and bravery.

When you are burning with fever and aching with pain,

I am not only your homeopath but Surah Faatiha

will provide treatment for all pain and make you less teary.

When Moms are scared as childbirth draws near, then Surah Mariam

offers comfort and helps them take care.

And when you spiritually fear the end is near, then Surah Ka’af

is there to help you fare.

I am the most widely read book on Earth and the greatest of miracles.

Do you know of any book that has been memorized cover to cover by millions?

You can find me in paperback or hard-cover, in large print or small.

I am even colour coded so that I can be read with great ease by all.

I can be read in a variety of tones, from soft to loud and with the

most melodious of tunes.

I have travelled a great distance to be in your home; from the greatest of Authors

in the heavens above, through to the most superior of creations,

via the blood of the most unique companions and thankfully,

through the zeal for knowledge of the pious predecessors.

Who am I ? I am Al Quran al Hakeem, your guide to Siraat al Mustakeem.

So open me, read me, and ponder over me.

Love me, cherish me and I promise never to forsake thee.

My name is Salma Vawda. I have 2 children, Sumayyah (15) and Ahmad (7). I love the Quraan. I find it fascinating and inspirational. Everyday the Quraan brings forth new discoveries. I volunteer at the local school to be with the kids during the assembly (due to the Christian ethos, our kids don’t attend). This year my focus is on focusing on the beauty of the Quraan to the children. I tell them of the stories and amazing facts in the Quraan. We also have little competitions and discussions. I find it both rewarding and educational.