To undertake the mission of memorizing the Quran is not a simple task, though it is a wonderful opportunity. I think that if one decides to memorize the Quran, they should be determined to do it, because such a task requires effort; making time for learning, studying, and reviewing of what they have learned even if they have packed schedules and are often very busy. This means that some activities might be given up for the devotion of the Quran, and a new goal is set.
Why memorize the Quran anyway? What will we attain by taking on such a challenge? I think what inspired me was knowing that the Quran is important to me as a Muslim person who looks at it as a holy book, a guide, and a mercy with GOD’S words and who wants to carry out the orders from ALLAH within it. I want to be able to carry the Quran with me wherever I go. If we can learn all that we do in school and college, I think that we can definitely learn more about the Quran. This is where the meaning is important. I believe that the Quran is a very valuable resource, one that should be cared about, and taken seriously. If we know the Quran and its meaning, we will not only be able to refer to it at any time, but also teach other people about it, which I think would be great for Muslim societies because the Quran can provide so much enlightenment and bring people closer to the Creator. I think that we as Muslims should know what is in our holy book. When we have attained the knowledge of the Quran, we can teach other people about it. After memorizing the Quran insha-ALLAH, I hope to learn it’s language.
Memorizing the Quran is not always easy. On some days, you feel frustrated because you just can’t seem to remember an Ayah. I think it’s important to remember that ALLAH has given us the strength and ability to memorize it, though we may not think so. Also, we can try to remember that what we are doing is important, and that we have chosen to do something that is really good for us, rather than other things that we might enjoy, so we should keep up the good work.
Memorizing the Quran is not the only opportunity we have to become closer to GOD. We have been given so many chances to do good things. I think we should take advantage of these chances and try to be the best we can be. Guidance from the Quran and assistance from ALLAH can help you with that. By the end of the day, it is all about how much effort you have put in to be a good person, is it not? May ALLAH (S.W.T.) help us in our striving to become better. Ameen.

-Yasmeen Virji
I am a thirteen year old Muslim girl who quite recently started to memorize the Holy Quran. I was born and raised in America. I like to write, and I really enjoy horseback riding.