Women of Substance

Women of all colours, calibres and creeds

No Frills and fancies, no frivolities and fame

Their pomp, their pride, all become tame

Qur’an for all seasons, celebrations and scenes

Qur’an for all nations, knowledge and needs

Qur’an is a science, a lifestyle, a profession

Qur’an is certainly a civilisation

Qur’an at first light

Qur’an in the depth of night

Qur’an in their heart

Never to part

Qur’an is a passion

Definately no fashion

Women of Qur’an, bear children of Qur’an

Women with Quran, build nations with Qur’an

Oh my Lord, make us of these women

Distinguished by Qur’an, steadfast on Qur’an

Women, of substance!

Tasneem Kadwa
student of Qur’an