Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah
Dear friends:)

Shukran Jazeelan to all the participants in Fee Qalbee’s 1rst Hifdhul-Qur’aan writing competition, entitled:STRIVING TO INSPIRE.
And heartfelt gratitude to all those who supported, nominated, encouraged & made du’aa for the writing entrants.
Mashaa Allah! The past 2 weeks have proven to be exciting, interesting & a wonderfully heart-warming experience reading & approving the comments box. Fee Qalbee received numerous nominations via email, blog, tweets & through our recently-launched Fee Qalbee facebook group.

And whilst it was a VERY close draw between atleast 3 participants, we’ve totalled up the responses throughout, and the winner is….

Entry 109 – Aaisha Mahmood Vawda

~Mashaa Allah! Congratulations:) May this lovely accomplishment be an effective means of inspiration for yourself & others in the journey of loving The Qur’aan – may Allah Ta’ala bless you & all those seeking to memorise The Qur’aan, with ease, sincerity, devotion, will-power & success, aameen~

Your hijaab bouquet gift will be on its way to you in the post shortly, inshaa Allah!

Sisters: Look forward to our upcoming projects, pre-Ramadaan, inshaa Allah!

Loving The Qur’aan,