The Awish Al-Hajar Village in Egypt’s Al-Mansura region has been renamed the Quran Village, Ad-Dastur daily reports.

It has been famous for its great number of Quran memorizers and Quran learning centers.

Famous reciters like Sallah Al-Jamal, Rif’at Al-Jamal and Muhammad Al-Jamal as well as Quran master Abdulah Al-Batlaji who has taught Tajweed (Quran recitation rules) to many of Egypt’s prominent Quran reciters are but a few of the Quranic figures born in Awish Al-Hajar.

The villagers are so keen on learning the Quran that they plan to launch a college of Quran and religious teachings in the village.

Awish Al-Hajar, or the Quran Village, is in the Al-Mansura region about 120 kilometers northeast of the capital Cairo. The village has a population of 60000.