Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah
Dear sisters:

Alhamdulillah! It’s good to be back on the blogosphere again.
Plenty to share with you about the world of Qur’aanic memorisation & upcoming projects with Fee Qalbee, inshaa Allah!

Shukran for the many emails from readers, fellow bloggers & students / clients, who queried to ask how we were doing.
Mashaa Allah, it’ already the start of a new academic year for some (well, almost!), and for others, it’s time to prepare for mid-year examinations & assessments: may Allah bless you all with ease & success, for His Pleasure, aameen!

Last month, I was delighted to receive a most exquisite, unique gift, from a family friend who had recently returned from abroad. I had been hoping to blog all about it, and tell you how fantastic and ideal it is, for all aspiring huffaadh, mashaa Allah! so…here goes….

Touch and learn® is an amazing system that will take your reading and exploring Islamic books to a new dimension. Simply touch a verse of the Mus’haf with the speaking pen and it will come alive. With one touch you will hear how it is recited by your favorite Qari, its vocabulary , its grammar, the various Qiraa’aat, Tajweed Rules, reasons of revelations, Tafseer, related Hadith, and more…

Watch Demonstrations

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*This learning product is ideal for students of all ages. It is highly interactive & young Qur’aan learners will find it thoroughly engaging, whilst older, mature learners will appreciate the tafseer & explanation that accompanies the Mus-haf. Despite the vast amount of information at hand, it is neither heavy nor bulky to carry around with you to class. The Touch & Learn Mushaf aids in audio & visual memorisation, and allows the option of listening to a variety of Qurraa’, and an explanation in different languages.
Truly an amazing piece of technology, to aid those aspiring to memorise Al Qur’aan Al Majeed!

Post your comments & thoughts on the product, and do let us know more about other enrichment & resource materials that have aided YOU in your tahfeedh.

Until the next post, take care & keep reviewing your Qur’aan with devotion!