Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah
Dear sisters:

I hope that you have all enjoyed a productive week of Qur’aanic memorisation & that the coming days too, will be filled with the sweet recitation of Al Qur’aan Al Kareem, inshaa Allah.

One of the key concerns expressed by both Hifdh teachers & students, is the method of reviewing – specifically, the review of surahs in which there are similar aayaat ( verses)

This week, I’d love to share some of the review methods that, over the years, have worked effectively for many hifdh students:

1. Try increasing your audio revision time. Spend time daily listening to Quraa’ reciting these surahs.

2. Practise writing out the beginnings of these similar surahs in your writing / note book.

3. Recite out loud often

4. Read the meaning of these aayaat that are similar – knowing the meaning in English / Hausa will help in remembering how and why each surah is different from the other.

The above techniques can help in strengthening the memory and improving the retention of verses that have been learnt.

Please share your review methods with us – we’d love to include them on future blog posts!

May Allah always guide us & allow for us to appreciate the gift of hifdhul Qur’aan, aameen.