Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah
Beloved Sister:

Recently, I came across the wise words of Khuram Murad, and found them to be thought-provoking & inspiring.
I thought to share them with you & invite you to reflect over its meaning & relevance, in the context of your personal Qur’aan journey.

Stay Inspired & May your Qur’aan journey continue to invigorate your soul!

“Your Qalb (heart) cannot be compartmentalized. You cannot dedicate one piece of it to Allah and another to some other god, like wealth, status and so on. Allah wants the human being to be undivided in service to Him.
So long as our heart lies in a hundred places, so long as our eyes are set in a hundred directions….we shall never be able to achieve that condition of ‘holding onto Allah.”

[Khurram Murad]