Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah

Fee Qalbee Consulting presents…

In the Company of Angels

A selection of inspiring short courses & intensive classes for sisters of all ages, commencing on 15th June 2011, inshaa Allah. These personalised classes will assist you in preparing & staying motivated and focussed on your Qur’aan goals & spiritual aspirations for Ramadhaan!

* Review & Revise: Individual classes to improve on the tajweed rules and / or the opportunity to practise recitation of Qur’aan to an experienced teacher.
* Memorising Muslimaat: Structured review sessions for haafidhaat to improve on dhor.
* Ramadhaan Muslimah Forever: A Life Motivation programme to inspire & encourage spiritual growth & development, both during and after Ramadhaan, incorporating key elements such as: goal planning, personality development, time appreciation, core values & laying the foundation for spiritual development.

-All sessions are conducted via Skype & are available in 30 min. or 1 hour time slots.

-Flexiblity: choose to have your sessions during the weekdays or weekends, and the number of sessions you wish to confirm per week.

-Prior to the commencement of sessions, we will arrange for a brief assessment online to discuss & understand your Qur’aan aspirations so that we may assist you in achieving your goals, inshaa Allah.

-For further details on the time schedules & fee payments, please contact Hafidha Rayhaanah via email: , bbm: 22464FDo

-At present, the above sessions are available until 1rst July 2011 only.