Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah
Dear friends & students,

2011 & with technology abound, hifdh students, teachers & mentors have numerous learning tools at their disposal. Indeed, a blessing & a catalyst that allows for the individual to measure progress & which encourages a sense of responsibility & interactive learning, especially for the younger students.
Yes, we’re spoit for choice with literally dozens of choices:

*mind mapping
*hifdh charts
*memory skills
*audio (iPod, mp3, CD, internet, etc.)
*visual (Qur’aan websites, youtube, Kindle, smart phoe applications,One touch mus-haf, etc.)

When coaching a student the topic of hifdh resource tools is often broached. And many a student will indicate that whilst they have an iPod, iPad, mp3 , the One Touch mus-haf, etc., at their disposal, the choices are simply overwhelming! Meaning: Where does one start? How does one choose which tool to incorporate? And why?

A word of advise: try making choices that can positively steer your hifdh in the direction ahead: opt for simplistic & effective, with a focus on saving time & increasing productivity, rather than applications or gadgets that serve as ‘time thieves’. Along the way, we’ve all learnt of the value of time when memorising al Qur’aan .. ’nuff said 😉
Different tools may assist your hifdh at different stages of your learning, or you may find one specific tool that is effective & works for you and your hifdh.. great!

Always make sure that you’ve chosen a hifdh tool to aid review during haidh & busy or challenging times, for eg: exams, work, family commitments,moving house, maternity leave, recuperating after an illness, etc.
What works for one individual may not necessarily work for others. This depends largely on ones learning patterns, hifdh & personal schedule, or access to resources.

But with today’s fast-paced lifestyles utilising atleast 1 resource tool is vital: for consolidating revision, strengthening retention, improvement of tajweed, enhancing concentration skills (more on concentration skills in a future blog post inshaa Allah!).

So, ask yourself: what works for me? And most importantly, am I using this tools consistently?

Wishing you a successful & productive week ahead in your hifdh journey!