Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmtullah
Dear readers,

Labbayk Allahuma Labbayk – “Ever at Your service O Lord, ever at Your service!” Remind your heart in these Ten Days of Dhul Hijjah.

How blessed we are to find ourselves in the midst of the most blessed days of the year! And fortunate are those who benefit from these days by drawing closer to their Lord & worshipping Him.
O student of Qur’aan! Maximise on your ibaadat during these days & utilise your precious moments to remain in the company of the Glorious Words: recite, review, listen to Qur’aan.

Please make mention of me in your noble du’aas & may Allah Ta’ala bless us all with an accepted udhiyya, profound submission to our Creator & a peaceful, happy Eidul Kabeer, aameen 🙂

TaqabbalAllahu minna wa minkum!

p.s. Fee Qalbee online classes & consulting will be closed from 3/11/2011, re-opening 13/11/2011 inshaAllah. JazaakAllahu Khayran for your support.