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Dear Fee Qalbee reader,

Greetings from sunny South Africa! My name is Sadiyya Randeree & I am a mum to 2 energetic kids! I am an adventurous Haafidha and an avid reader who has an artistic side to her talents, Alhamdulillah.

My journey of Hifdh was a long and very inspiring one in which I had the
privilege of studying under many Asaatidha & Huffaadh.

I was fortunate enough to receive their love, guidance and most importantly, tips & valuable advice!

The Qur’aan is our guide, our light in this dark world that we live in and
as such, we need to internalize its messages & to reflect on its deeper


A few words of advice:

Q – Quality, not quantity!
Its not about how much you recite, but how you recite! اللَّه says: “And
recite the Quraan in slow, measured tones. “- Surah Muzzammil

U – Uplift

Allow the Qur’aan to spiritually uplift you! Use it to gain closeness to
اللَّه Ta’alah

R – Revere & Respect the Qur’aan

This is both outwardly & inwardly.

A – Appreciate
Thank اللَّه for this beautiful Book! Be grateful that اللَّه has chosen you
to be of His family & special ones.

A – Abide by the laws within the Qur’aan – become walking Qura’ans!

N – Neglect Not!
Allah has blessed us with knowledge of this Book, let us safeguard it.


♥ Qur’aan: Love it, Learn it, Live it! ♥

I hope InshaAllah  this post was of benefit to you.

May اللَّه accept from us & you!
Was salaam,

Sadiyya ♥


Jazaakillahu Khayran, haafidha Sadiyya.                  

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