“Towards Hifdhul Qur’aan: A Journey Of Inspiration” serves as a handbook of motivation for Muslim Women seeking to embark on the remarkable journey of Qur’aanic Memorisation.

With heartwarming advise, real life narratives, and tried & proven techniques on harnessing self-esteem, patience, and willpower, this publication is bound to enrich the life of the reader!

With more than 15 years of hifdh teaching experience, Rayhaanah Omar’s debut publication makes for an ideal accompaniment to motivate the aspiring haafidha or enhance the completed haafidha’s hifdh journey.

30 inspirations for each day of the month, motivating you towards a spiritual revolution, InshaAllah! 💐💐

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The 7 habits of a hafith: how to succeed in memorising Quran

The virtues of the Qur’an and its bearers

Hifz – Memorization of the Qur’an by Safwat M. Halilovic

Innovative way to memorize the Quran

The golden rules for the memorisation of the Quran


I wanna be a Haafidha too

7 Essential Steps that make Quran memorisation easy and meaningful in your daily life

Causes that aid in the memorisation of the Noble Qur’aan

The Book of Allaah and its magnificent status

The character of the people of the Qur’an

Guidelines for Memorizing the Holy Quran by Muntahaa Kenny





Understanding the Qur’an:

Understand Qur’aan

The Qur’aanic Arabic Corpus



Tanzil- Qur’aan Navigator

Qu’raan MP3 and Audios in high quality

Listen to Qur’aan online


Learning Tools:

Qur’aan memorisation (hifdh) and revision software

Juzz 30 software


Qur’aan related websites:

The Noble Qur’aan

Qur’aan Explorer

The Qur’aan blog


2 Responses to “Resources”

  1. umm Says:

    Assalam alikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh..i recommend very…it has page wise and ayah by ayah high quality recitations ..MashaAllah a wonderful site…

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