بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَـنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah,

Today, I share with you a visual clip, extracted from a programme presented by the respected Shaykh Ayman al-Swayd. It is a reminder, humbling indeed, of our daily supplication (mirroring our spiritual aspirations thereof) and that which I remind my students to pray for: “o Allah! Make us from the Family (people) of alQur’aan, verily they are Your Family (people) and Your special (distinguished) servants. Aameen.”

Verily, to be of the Ahlul Qur’aan one must honour The Preserved Scripture: that preservation is not merely textual, but includes character refinement, personal development & spiritual growth, aspiring to His Proximity ‘Azza wa Jall.

A summary of the video clip:

This is a dream one of the early scholars of Islam. He was one of the trusted reciters of the Quran. This narration was mentioned in the books of our scholars such as the famous ibn al Qayim rahimuhu Allah.

Please watch & listen carefully (there are English subtitles for non-Arabic viewers). And reflect. Reflect on why you are memorising. And for whom you are memorising. Reflect on your intention, purpose and mission to memorise. Reflect on your relationship with the One Who blessed you with the gift to read and memorise The Sacred Words. Subhaanaka Yaa Rabb!

A Meeting with Allah

Stay Inspired!


Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah,

I watched this video and I cried. Repetedly, I thought of Allah’s Blessings, His Love and Guidance and Mercy. His Tender Care and protection of His Special Servants..subhaanAllah! For the benefit of our english-readers, a brief summary of what transpires in this video: A young girl – about 10 years old – calls in to a television programme on the Al Haafidh channel. This is a channel that focusses on all aspects of Qur’aan, including hifdhul Qur’aan. And so children call in to recite on the live programs. Baraa’ah is one of them. Alhamdulillah, she is a haafidha of Qur’aan! She calls in on the program to recite and the shaykh becomes very emotional when he enquires how she is feeling, as she has a severe illness. She then recites in a beautiful, touching voice, upon which the shaykh weeps incessantly. When she completes her recitation, he makes abundant du’aa for her, subhaanAllah!

This is her story:
This story is of a little girl named Bar`ah who is 10 years old, her parents were doctors who moved to Saudi Arabia in search of better life.

At this age, Bar`ah memorized the whole Quran with tajweed, she was very intelligent, her teacher use to tell her she should be in middle school not primary school.

Her family was small and committed to Islam and its teachings…. suddenly one day the mother started feeling sever abdominal pain, after tests and checkups she found out that she has cancer, but in its late stages.

The mother thought she should tell her daughter, specially if she wakes up one day and didn’t find her mother beside her… so she told her: “Bar`ah I will go to paradise ahead of you, but I want you to read the Quran you memorized every day since it will protect you in this life…”

The little girl didn’t really understand what her mother was trying to tell her… but she started feeling the change in her mother’s status, especially when she was transferred to stay in hospital on a permanent bases. The little girl use to come to the hospital after her school and recite the Quran for her mother till the evening when her father used to take her home.

One day the hospital called the husband and informed him that the his wife’s condition was very bad and he needed to come as fast as he can, so the father picked Bar`ah from her school and headed to the hospital, when they arrived he asked her to stay in the car… so that she wouldn’t get shocked if her mother passed away.

The father got out of his car, with tears filled in his eyes and while crossing the road to enter the hospital, he was hit by a speeding car and died in front of his daughter who came crying to her father…!

The tragedy of Bar`ah is not over yet… the news of her father’s death was hidden from the mother, but after 5 days the mother passed away leaving Bar`ah alone in this life. She become alone without her parents, and her parents’ friends decided to find her relatives in Egypt so that they can take care of her.

Suddenly, Bar`ah started having sever pain like her mother, after a few tests and checkups it was confirmed it was cancer… at the surprise of every one she said: “Alhamdu Lillah, now I will meet my parents.”

All of the family friends were shocked and surprised, this little girl being faced with calamity after calamity and she is patient and satisfied with what Allah ordained for her!

We can take so many lessons from this real-life incident: that life is so, so transient, so short..that we need to use our time to earn His Divine Pleasure..that our health should never be taken for granted, for everything we have – including our souls – belongs to Allah ‘Azza wa Jall!

May you be inspired, every step of your journey towards memorising the beloved Qur’aan!

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