Student Testimonials:
Alhamdulillah very grateful Allah swt opened up the way for me to start hifdh mentorship with Sister Rayhaanah. MashaAllah it has been an extremely motivational journey, and i was happy that being a mother of 2 young ones, it’s great how i can choose the pace…which is not fast but not too slow either.  Retaining previous surahs is also very important and mashaAllah ustadha Rayhaanah makes sure we do that too and gives great ideas and advice of how not to slack in this beautiful journey. [Umm Zakariya, Pakistan]
Truly inspiring! Alhamdulillah, my experience learning with Ustadha Rayhaanah is nothing short of wonderful. Ustadha is so patient..throughout this journey, she has been a life coach, motivator and a shoulder to cry on in difficult times. May Allah make her among the dwellers of Jannah and elevate her rank in the hereafter. [Nur, Malaysia]

Hafidha Rayhaanah’s Hifdh Intensive Campaign was just what I’d needed to get back on track with my dhor (mura-ja’ah), after university finals. Alhamdulillah the intensive program entailed more than I’d hoped for and expected: I would recite a few pages of the Surah I’d prepared and at the end,  would receive detailed feedback on what to improve on, along with various unique methods – that were suited to my preferred style of learning as a visual and audio learner – on how to go about doing so. Hafidha also suggested techniques that I could inculcate within my family, as well as practical techniques on how to juggle my hifdh and studies in the new academic year. Alhamdulillah, one of my best dhor (mura-ja’ah) experiences yet!   [Hafidha Aaisha, South Africa]


Prior beginning my hifdh journey I thought this only involved memorizing as fast as possible. After starting this journey, through Ustadha Rayhaanah, I quickly realized that it is truly a journey of the mind, body and soul. Ustadha Rayhaanah has a holistic approach in her teaching, and encourages taking care of all these area’s to have the best hifdh journey possible. Ustadha is very passionate and highly dedicated to the development and success of her students. Ustadha has the perfect balance of maintaining discipline while accomodating any life changes (when needed). Ustadha Rayhaanah is a gift alhamdulillah.  [Nihal M, Canada]

Ustaza’s Quran Hifdh class is  something like Oasis for me. Every time I’m spiritually fulfilled, charged with positive energy and can’t wait for the next class! Attending Ustaza’s class is one of the biggest fortunate for me, after reverting to Islam, Alhamdulillah. [Maya D, Japan]


I had the great opportunity of studying with Hafidha Rayhaanah for several years. She instilled in me the love, art and discipline of hifdh. Not only did my relationship with the Qur’aan blossom under her guidance, so too did my relations with my family, friends and neighbors. She taught me how to love and live the Qur’aan, which I understand now to be a daily devotion. [Maryam G., 42, North America]


I was so fortunate to have being mentored and taught by the beautiful Apa Rayhaanah over the December vacation. Not only did I revise on my Quraan but I also learnt amazing techniques. Like time management and also on how to deal with stress. These techniques have also helped me to deal with my studies. I also now know how to do dhor the correct way. Most of all I was inspired and motivated. I clearly remember how I used to wait for her Skype call! The program has made me better in my Quraan and in my daily life. I loved the encouragement and support from Apa Rayhaanah. That it is my dream to aspire to be like her one day. It was a holiday I will never forget. [Saarah A., school student, South Africa]


Qur'an Hearts






How does the December 2016 hifdh intensive program work?

I work with each student independently, zooming in on your strengths and helping you overcome any challenges you may previously faced with your hifdh.
First,  I need to ascertain your goals and progress in hifdh.  Meaning,  have you memorised already, and are seeking to strengthen your dhor?  Or,  perhaps you would like to revise your masnoon (morning and evening) surahs or the surahs you recite in salaah?
Then you need to decide now many lessons you wish to commit to.  Each lesson is half an hour.  We have the 5, 10, and 14 day learning programs available, but can also tailor a program based on your learning goals and lifestyle commitments.
I’m all about flexibility and helping you feel confident,  comfortable and contented with your hifdh efforts. And so part of the learning program includes online (and offline,  via Whatsapp)  mentoring :  during your lesson program,  you will receive insight, feedback, and advise on how to develop effective strategies in time / stress  management and goal planning, as I believe that this all forms part of your hifdh journey.
All that’s left for you to do, is send me a briefing on the above, and 3 of your preferred days and time. I’ll then reply with a proposed lesson schedule and fee details.

So,  how does the lesson work?
Once you’ve set up a Skype account and added me (mine is :  hafidha.rayhaanah),  you sign in for your assigned lesson with mushaf and  a notebook next to you.
Lesson begins with a recap or update on your progress, we address any challenges you may be facing with your hifdh, and then we get into that day’s lesson.  I’m hopeful that by the end of your lesson you’re feeling  more confident about your own beautiful hifdh journey.

Hugs and Love,
Feel free to message with any queries you may have:)



3 Responses to “Quran Hearts”

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  2. Fathima Mehtar Says:

    Asalaamualaikum. I am 35 years old..mother of 3…youngest being 2 and eldest is 12.
    It is my dream of learning to recite the quran with proper tajweed and to inshaAllah to do Hifdh.
    Its my biggest regret that i did not attempt this earlier in life.
    I am afraid to fail at hifdh…im afraid that i wi start and my responsibilitys in my household may hold me back.
    Alhamdulillah my husband is a haafiz. I live in a small town wit limited resources…also wanted to know if u can recommend any online resources…

    1. Rayhaanah Says:

      Wslm dear sister,

      AlHumdulillah that Allah SWT inspired you towards hifdh…Please don’t let fear hold you back from memorising the Qur’aan. Put your trust in Allah and take the first step. I’d suggest starting to memorise the Juzz Amma and masnoon surahs with your husband, as the first step. You can also find more details on the RESOURCES page :
      May Allah SWT grant you ease and fulfill your dream of hifdh, aameen 🙂

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